On the Menu: Car Wash, Strong Coffee, Weak B.S. and a Mountain Lion to Go (April 2019)

By Mark S. McDonald Sr., Undocumented Miner of Yesteryear

In mid-January, an Austin-area man reported seeing a mountain lion walk across theMountain_Lion_D_Sweetman_small front yard of the family’s home near Leander. The animal was caught on the door bell camera, disappeared into the night, never to be seen again. (Hold the yawn.) A cougar in 2017 was sighted in a residential back yard in the Montana Vista neighborhood of El Paso, during daylight hours. Escape from the local zoo?

Even that one doesn’t compare to the 2011 incident in which a rogue mountain lion was shot twice with tranquilizer darts, with plans to remove it to the nearby Franklin Mountains. When the lion still tried to elude Parks & Wildlife staffers, they shot the animal dead. That 102-pound male lion was taken a long field goal from downtown El Paso, at H&H Car Wash.


Where else can you get a car wash, a plate of migas, strong coffee and weak B.S.? All courtesy of the owner, crusty Maynard Haddad, 85, quite possibly the most loyal UTEP Miners fan in … um … in captivity.

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