Ouch! – QB’s Run-In with Local Cops Touches a Nerve with UTEP fans (June 2019)

Hopes were high for Kai Locksley, but results have been disappointing.

By Mark S. McDonald, dipped and vaccinated wise guy

Woah. The recent arrest of UTEP’s starting senior quarterback Kai Locksley is not only a national story, it sent ripples to very edges of Miners Nation.

Charges against Mr. Locksley range from driving while intoxicated, unlawful carrying of a weapon, weed and threatening to kill local residents. A QB is often the team leader, if for no other reason than he relays play-calls to the offense and handles the ball on every play. These are the choices of a team leader?

It is not against the law to lack commitment. You cannot be arrested for being a selfish dumbass, but you can be suspended from the team while more facts surface. Which is what Head Coach Dana Dimel has done.  

Iffy behavior pattern: Locksley signed with Texas, left the team during his first season, bounced from a JuCo in Arizona to Iowa Western Community College where he had a big year, before coming to UTEP.

Hopes for him were high, but Locksley was no Kyler Murray while playing behind a banged-up offensive line.

Watching Kai in practices, I never got the impression he is (was) much of a team guy. My spies in Austin say Locksley was (is) immature and all about “me” rather than “we.”

You Miners Forever have no mixed feelings about this one … In the past seven years we have sat around these campfires together, only the sudden departure of Coach Sean Kugler generated such an uproar. You have spoken, like so:

 “I do not believe he will be back in an orange and blue uniform. Going forward, the starter will most likely be Brandon Jones.”

“What a loser. Hope Dimel kicks him out for good.”

“Too bad kids blow opportunities.”

“Good riddance to a genuine loser.”

“I always wonder about a kid who goes to several schools. Stupid kid is old enough to know better.”

Hasta la bye-bye, Kai Locksley.”

“Pathetic. I am so disappointed.”

“Locksley will not be missed. On your way out, amigo, don’t let the door hit you in the butt.”

{McDonald is a UTEP journalism grad and two-year starter in football. During his lukewarm playing career, if he had been kicked off the team, nobody would have noticed.}

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