From the Mine Shaft: Mystery of Kidd Field, Revisited (September 2021)

Miners fans jammed Kidd Field for this 1960 contest vs. Arizona. With the limited facilities under the south stands, where did visiting teams dress?


I have a question for you to ask your readers: Before the Sun Bowl was built, the Miners played at Kidd Field. Where did the visiting football team dress?

I was a freshman in 1963. Our games were played at the Sun Bowl, but we still practiced at Kidd Field. There was only two dressing rooms — varsity and freshmen — separated by the equipment room. There was only one shower area and one restroom area.

Have asked (former sports info director) Eddie Mullens and (longtime Miners fan) Marilyn Cromeans who is Ross Moore’s daughter, among others. No one knows the answer. Have been asking this question for 10 years with no luck.

Surely someone out there knows the answer. I am growing old and fear that time is running out.

                                                  — Freddy Joe Schwake, Ballinger, Texas

{A Miner forever, Schwake was one of many former student trainers who studied at the knee of the legendary Ross Moore. After his UTEP days, Schwake formerly worked with the NFL San Francisco 49ers. He now runs an antique shop in the semi-West Texas town of Ballinger, located between San Angelo and Nowhere. 
Schwake would like it known that any nostalgic Miners looking for an original Price’s Ice Cream sign or 1950s Coke fountain dispenser could find these prizes in beautiful downtown Ballinger. 
If you can answer Freddy Joe’s question, please share this nugget with us by writing, the old duffer could return to his rocking chair on the front porch.—Ed.}

Transfer Rule Ruins Competitive Balance

Mark, you are right. The transfer rule kills any chance of schools like UTEP to have any chance of winning. You have a great basketball or football player he will leave to go to a “power five” school every time. They have ended any chance of a non-power five school from being successful.                                    

 Martin David Binder

{Binder is yet another former UTEP trainer and disciple of the late Ross Moore. — Ed.}

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