Hey Noodles, What’s in a Name? (August 2020)

From August, 1976, here’s a shot of the UTEP equipment managers and trainers under Hall of Famer Ross Moore. 

As a 9th grader, former UTEP student equipment manager Albert Veyita stood a towering 4-3 and weighed all of 63 pounds. 
“The basketball coach at Coronado High started calling me Noodles, on Day 1,” Veyita says. “I’ve been called that ever since.” 

Albert Veyita more recently at SMU, shown with President George W. Bush.

For Veyita, that’s not the only thing that stuck. He enrolled at UTEP and started serving as a student equipment manager in 1976, and didn’t leave Texas Mountain U. until 1983. From there, Albert has made a career out of athletic gear, with a path through the now-defunct U.S. Football League, the NFL and college athletics. 
Today, he follows the Miners while living in Dallas, where he works at SMU in – yes – socks, jocks and T-shirts.

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