The Readers Always Write (August 2020)

Making Long Days Shorter

Just a quick note of thanks (for the newsletter). Makes these long days a little shorter. 

— Wendall Ladd Jr.

Recovered Fumble
I appreciate your continued work and updates about our Miners. I have one comment about the picture of Mr. McNease (Coach YC McNease). I’m sure he will be in agreement. Like our motto “once a Miner, always a Miner,” Coach McNease is described as an ex-Marine. Growing up in a Marine Corps family and a former Marine myself, we always describe ourselves as former Marines, never a ex-Marine. We appreciate you. Warmest regards

— Michael Wateney

{Ed.: Oorah. Thanks for the tip.} 
Miners Checking on Miners
Between you and me, Froggy (Barnes, former Texas Western footballer) has no idea how many lives he’s touched and how many people care about him. He likes to play the clown but he really is an exceptional person in so many ways.

— Janie Barnes

{Ed.: Froggy Barnes has been ill, confined to a hospital in San Angelo. Miners have kept the circle tight, checking in on one of their favorite teammates from the late 1950s.}
Chinese Virus Goes Politically Correct

My grammar-checker program keeps underlining “China virus,” and telling me to call it COVID-19 or coronavirus! When I check on why, it says that “phrases like this can encourage bias and misinformation. Try using the official name used by the World Health Organization instead.” How about that — grammar checkers have gone politically correct. Well, no surprise since the spellchecker keeps underlining “Tredennick” and asking me if I meant “redneck?”

— Steve Tredennick, P.C., Round Rock

{Ed.: Misinformation? WHO lost yardage on this playing field when it congratulated communist China for controlling the spread of the virus.}

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