Miners Hall Gang Sets Sept. 24-26 Reunion (June 2021)

Built to withstand assaults from time and testosterone, Miners Hall opened to male athletes in 1950. According to campus historian Willie O’Quinn and The Prospector, Miners Hall housed 72 jocks until 1972 when they were moved to Burges Hall. Today, with Miners scattered in local apartments, the grand old structure has been converted to offices and classrooms, in a more peaceful, studious environment. Such as pity.  

Cheerleaders and athletes from the Texas Western era of 1958-1962 will gather in El Paso Sept. 24-26 for a reunion and a memorial to classmates who have passed on. 

The original organizer, former all-conference QB John Furman, called it the “Miners Hall Gang.” Since Furman’s death last spring, Steve Tredennick from the early Don Haskins basketball days has taken the lead. 

The weekend coincides with UTEP’s “throwback” game vs. New Mexico in which the Miners will wear uniforms and helmets from 1959. {No leather helmets, however.}

These “experienced” Miners value each other’s company, so the gathering has taken on an inclusive spirit. To join the fun, email Tredennick at sbt@sbtlegal.com or phone (512) 246-6865.

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