NCAA Wilts, Leaving UTEP with Big Questions to Answer (September 2021)

Back in the days of sock hops, four-hole Buicks and letter sweaters, eating ice cream from a local dairy, while in game uniform, was harmless fun. But since the leather helmet days, the NCAA regarded any commercial activity — or anything fun — as spitting on the sidewalk, a veiled attempt to overthrow the government.   It follows that the student-athlete was banned from profiting if a business used his/her presence to sell tires, donuts or pantyhose. Only the school could benefit. The athlete could receive nothing tangible.  No cash, no car, no haircut at the local barber, no extra starch on his shirts at the dry cleaners. Oh, but let there be light … In just these past few months, there has been enough tide shift to flood the Galveston Seawall. New rules reveal the NCAA as a toothless tiger, as college sports will never be the same. 

UTEP Football 2021: Victory No. 1 a Must for Miners (September 2021)

My border spies tell me UTEP’s 2021 football fortunes will be told before October gets here. Probably true, though I’d rather have the season graded on the results of key Conference USA games just before Thanksgiving. So far, here’s what we think we think: When teammates compete vs. teammates, evaluating spring training can be tricky. … Continue reading UTEP Football 2021: Victory No. 1 a Must for Miners (September 2021)